The Last Waltz

by Zachary Blizzard

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You had to let me go
the only way you could
without concern for timing
or proper use of words

Without social grace
or foundation for amends
you did this once when we were kids
now it’s cycled yet again

A display of care free bliss
but that’s the only way you know how
to lock the pain inside
and not let the skeletons out

You’ve found another’s arms
too fast to truly breathe
or face the demons inside
that claw at thinly covered feet

And bruised so many around us
who truly love us both
forcing heads in the sand
while you smile and laugh and boast

But how can I truly blame you
for any number of these things?
you had no father’s guiding arms
or mothers protecting wings

Selflessness was foreign
or true concern for others
it was everyone for themselves
as shown now by your sister and brother

You’re so similar to all of them
though they weren’t ever truly there
especially when you needed them
they were consumed by their own cares

Blankets of Latter-day faith
or Airstreams to escape
But what are they really seeking?
A way to not face all their mistakes

My family’s no Rockwell painting
or wealthy bank of trust
But I was raised with their protection, respect, and creative lust

We all fall into those patterns
of masking all the pain
An ongoing comedy, and tragedy
of wounded love, lost and gained

My strongest goal within this, is to explore all of my shame
from past to this present moment, with only I, myself, to blame

And learn why I loved ones like you
and not only gave them my heart
but dream that I could fix you by handing you my spark

Resentment churned like lava from both sides of the coin
I was never that good a teacher
and It was wrong to force you to learn

We fell hard into sickness
when I needed to cut you down
only to lift you back up
to show you that I knew how

To nurture and support
and be the shoulder for your pain
built on our insecurities that without hard work, will remain

It wasn’t all pure darkness
there were times of true harmony
when we deeply locked in unison and we both lived our fantasy

And the whole point of this ranting
despite the the fact that I’ll never stop
calling it as I see it
perhaps to some, a sanctimonious moral cop

The whole point to this rambling is that despite all the regret

I forgive you for who you were

And the love that was there…

I won’t forget.


released May 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Zachary Blizzard San Francisco, California

Zachary Blizzard has been writing songs prior to leaving Inland Empire, Garage/Art-Rock band Jenoah in 2005 as drummer returning north to his native Northern California / San Francisco. Blizzard was the lead singer and main songwriter for the San Francisco Indie Rock band Cannons & Clouds. He is currently playing shows throughout the Bay Area and nationwide. ... more

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