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As I tossed and turned last night I dreamt of lives un-lived
Three small coats hanging from a brass rack next to the door across from our kids’

Above their coats were ours draped with caps, bags, and scarves beneath a picture of Stevenson “Graffiti Bridge"
You had just hung them up, and grabbed all their juice cups from the picnic basket on the floor by the fridge

Jack’s coat was plaid and exactly like his dad’s though mine’s three times the size and colored brown
and in both pockets were sand dollars and a locket he found yesterday exploring on the ground

Penny’s coat was red she’d tucked away a heel of bread that she saved to feed the pigeons in the park
Also a treasure troll that her grandma gave her so she would no longer be afraid of the dark

and tiny toddler Blue his slicker coat was so cute it had octopi, sea turtles, and sharks
With stains on his cuffs little pockets all filled up with melted crayons and scribblings of art

On down the hall you could listen to us all singing along to Abbey Road by the hearth
We strummed our hands to impersonate the band and watching you all dance melted my heart

We all sat at our table to carrot soup served with a ladle that I carved for you from a broken guitar
When you poured mine you whispered in my ear a line from a poem about the sun, the moon, and the stars

We tucked them in bed kissed each child’s sweet forehead and sang in harmony an irish lullaby
We quietly closed their door and made love for hours more ’til the morning rose so quickly from the night

And then I awoke with salty tears started to choke ‘cause none of this was real or ever alive
I grabbed this guitar smashed it to pieces, lit a fire for all the dreams that I create, and they won’t die


released January 17, 2014


all rights reserved



Zachary Blizzard San Francisco, California

Zachary Blizzard is an American singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist. His work blends elements of experimental rock, drone, and shoegaze with a folk music foundation.
Blizzard has been writing and performing solo prior to leaving Inland Empire indie-rock band Jenoah in 2005 as drummer, returning to his native Northern California / San Francisco.
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  • Feb 09

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